Logitech R400 Software, Laser Presentation, Setup Guide


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Logitech R400 Laser Presentation Remote, Overview

The Logitech R400 wireless presenter is a Logitech product that provides intuitive touch buttons that can easily control slide shows. Besides this wireless presenter displays black as well as a Wireless Presenter Logitech R400 turns your presentation into exclusive shows that can attract the attention of the audience with a soft touch of the control button, you can also advance and restore your slides. Other advantages of this Logitech wireless presenter include a bright red laser pointer that allows you to capture the main full focus you are aiming for.

Logitech R400 Software
Logitech R400 Laser Presentation Remote

Wireless compatibility of up to 50 feet indeed enables you to maneuver around your workspace, class, or living room so that you can fully engage your audience. Whether you are preparing for your weekly activities in the seminar area or master’s thesis, together with this Logitech R400 wireless presenter, get ready to impress each audience about you with your creative and unique presentation skills. The Logitech R400 wireless presenter has all the controls you need right at your fingertips. Without seeing the presenter, you can see your slides ideally.

Presenter SpecificationSoftwareGetting Started
Connection Type Cordless USB
Laser Type Class 2 visible Red 640-660nm
Connect / Power Button On/Off switch
Battery Size and Type T2 AAA Alkaline (Not Rechargeable)
Battery Life 13 months
Indicator Lights (LED) attery/Power, Laser
Special Buttons Laser, Previous, Next, F5/ESC, Blank Screen

Logitech R400 Software For Windows and macOS

Below is available the Logitech R400 wireless presenter software that you can download.

Logitech Presenter Pairing Utility for Windows
  • Software Version ⇒ 1.0.38
  • Last Update ⇒ 2019/08/26
  • OS Support ⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Size ⇒ 13.1 MB
Logitech Presenter Pairing Utility for Mac
  • Software Version ⇒ 1.0.26
  • Last Update ⇒ 2019/08/26
  • OS Support ⇒ macOS 10.14
  • File Size ⇒ 10.6 MB

We have provided various Software for the OS that you need. To start the download, you can browse the three tabs that are already available, namely the Presenter specification, Software and Getting Started (Setup Guide).


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